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SADAR BAHAR Japan Tour 2016

7/17(SUN) @KOFU “JUJU”

SADAR BAHAR Japan Tour 2015

7.04(SAT) NAGOYA @JB’s Open 22:00
7.11(SAT) KOBE @TROOP CAFE Open 23:00
7.18(SAT) KOFU @juju Open 22:00
7.19(SUN) KANAZAWA @MANIER Open 20:00
7.20(MON) GIFU @Emeralda Open 18:00
7.25(SAT) TOKYO @AIR Open 22:00
7.26(SUN) TAKASAKI @WOAL Open 15:00

SADAR BAHAR Japan Tour 2012

We are very pleased to announce the forthcoming Sadar Bahar’s japanese tour!
6.30 sat. Kofu @Juju
7.7 sat. Kanazawa @Manier
7.14 sat. Gifu @Emeralda
7.15 sun. Aoyama @Cay

3.3 sat. Time&Space @ Shibuya Pub Yamagata

We are very pleased to announce the forthcoming DJ Rahaan party in Shibuya. Drop what your doing and come down to party!

SADAR BAHAR at MAINLINE chapter 3 Party Pics

We would like to thank everybody for coming down on the 2nd of November at Shibuya PLUG. Here are some photos of the party for those who couldn’t come to the event or the ones who might want to remember it. Enjoy! And Thank you to Yamakawa san for the pictures. photography by Masashi Yamakawa [...]


On the 22nd of November Sadar Bahar spinned a the Plug,a Club located in Shibuya Tokyo. It was the second time that I heard the set of Dj Sadar Bahar and this second experience was slightly different. The sound was really refreshing! While last year’s selection was a little more Modern Soul and Rare Soul [...]