DiscoBoogie.com Show #28 DJ Daijiro

We are pleased to present you his show again. Daijiro is fresh in your mind as the co-promoter of the Sadar Bahar 2008-2012 Japan Tour. He is well-known as the “Soul Magic” fanzine founder. He brought a dazzling live mix for us, bringing on some disco music. Hope you guys enjoy his mix!

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  1. Kool & The Gang / Cosmic Energy
  2. David “Fathead” Newman / Keep The Dream Alive
  3. Disco Spectacular / Where Do I go
  4. Touch Of Class / El Remo
  5. Hollywood Lights / Ooh Baby
  6. Uncle Louie / Full Tilt Boogie Pt.2
  7. Sound Experience / Don’t Fight the Feeling
  8. Crown Heights Affair / You Gave Me Love
  9. Chi-Lites / Get Down With Me
  10. Hudson People / Boogie On Downtown
  11. Fat Eddie Band / Let Your Body Move It
  12. Venus Dodson / It’s My Turn
  13. Fabulous Waller Family / Can You Dance Like Me
  14. Lucy Hawkins / Gotta Get Out Of Here
  15. Southroad Connection / Take Me back For More
  16. Merry Clayton / Keep your Eye On The Sparrow
  17. Rufus / Finale
  18. Dee Dee Sharp / Let’s get This Party Started