DiscoBoogie.com Show #25 DJ Darryn Jones

We’re honored to share with you this mix from Dj Darryn, one of the most talented DJs on the Chicago Scene. Infused with an unique old school style Dj Darryn’s sets are chicago’s dirty truth.
Hope you guys enjoy his mix!
You can listen some of Darryn’s other mixes and edits on Soundcloud.




30 thoughts on “DiscoBoogie.com Show #25 DJ Darryn Jones

  1. Fantastic mix again Darryn.Thanks a lot and full support from Holland !

  2. As all ways bruth HEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT keep on Dizcoing man luv

  3. Flash Back to the house parties on 116th in the 8o’s. Like a fine wine your skills even better with time. DJ keep it deep fam. much love.

  4. Man I listened to this mix 3 Times ! It is the SERIOUS TRUTH !

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