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DiscoBoogie.com Show #25 DJ Darryn Jones

  • 2012-07-05
  • Time:63:15
  • DJ Darryn Jones
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We’re honored to share with you this mix from Dj Darryn, one of the most talented DJs on the Chicago Scene. Infused with an unique old school style Dj Darryn’s sets are chicago’s dirty truth.
Hope you guys enjoy his mix!
You can listen some of Darryn’s other mixes and edits on Soundcloud.

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Dion B 12-07-06 (金) 5:02

major tunes coming from my fellow turntable brother SERVICE!!!!

geeee 12-07-06 (金) 7:33

yes four in a tango! burner nice one

Waxist 12-07-06 (金) 17:57

Dope show, had a lot good vibes while listening to it!!

Erica Kane 12-07-07 (土) 13:53

Nice DJ Darryn, serious tunes brother!!!

cassandra 12-07-11 (水) 13:23

Very Nice Darryn

Mike Boogie 12-07-13 (金) 0:02

Nice mix bro love the tunezz !!!!!!!

Disco G 12-07-13 (金) 3:35

Funky discoboogie the dirty truth!!..Immensely enjoyed!!

Disco G 12-07-13 (金) 3:36

Funky discoboogie the dirty truth!!..Immensely enjoyed!!

Disco G 12-07-13 (金) 3:36

Funky discoboogie the dirty truth!!..Immensely enjoyed!!

匿名 12-07-13 (金) 6:12

The Dirty Truth plays heat!

Grimy! 12-07-13 (金) 7:20

Great mix…. Dirty Truth and super site for disco Haruhiko

Elvis Leon ABOUSWAH 12-07-13 (金) 12:20

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Elvis Leon ABOUSWAH 12-07-13 (金) 12:22

The Youngster getting his Due!!!!!

stevecitysoul 12-07-14 (土) 4:30

Another great mix for the site!

Teddron Mapp 12-07-14 (土) 10:34

Man I listened to this mix 3 Times ! It is the SERIOUS TRUTH !

Rome 12-07-14 (土) 12:58


andre watson 12-07-20 (金) 0:56

DEE now thats whats happen

Tobias 12-07-20 (金) 3:03

Yeah baby, that true DEEP Chi-town sound. THE REAL DEAL!

Heatseeker 12-07-21 (土) 1:56

Dirty Truth keep it real..

Heatseeker 12-07-21 (土) 1:58

Sadar or Dirty Truth?

Terrell Martin 12-07-31 (火) 7:20

Flash Back to the house parties on 116th in the 8o’s. Like a fine wine your skills even better with time. DJ keep it deep fam. much love.

Bruthadon 12-07-31 (火) 7:32

The Durty One Strikes Again!!!!

DJ Taco 12-07-31 (火) 7:58

Thats my “MAN” throwing’ DOWN!! We hear ya D’

DiscoCityGroove 12-09-18 (火) 22:57

Any chance of a track listing please?

Dj. Zulu 12-10-02 (火) 12:27

As all ways bruth HEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT keep on Dizcoing man luv

CHARLES_b 12-11-27 (火) 7:28


Kasino Flex 13-03-12 (火) 3:21

This mix is so deep…I needed a shovel.

stevecitysoul 13-05-01 (水) 2:40

Hi there, is there a tracklist available at all for this mix?

tdog 13-09-02 (月) 0:46

Real Heat.

Erik 16-07-31 (日) 20:20

Fantastic mix again Darryn.Thanks a lot and full support from Holland !

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