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SADAR BAHAR Japan Tour 2012

  • Posted:2012-05-27


6.30 sat. Juju vol.13 Sadar Bahar In Kofu @Kofu Juju

Juju vol.13 Special Guest DJ Sadar Bahar
DJ:Sadar Bahar, Romancer, Terada, Princess✩Tinkow, Tasty
@Kofu juju / Open:22:00
ADM 3,000yen W/F 2,500yen / [Read More]


7.7 sat. Sadar Bahar In Kanazawa @Manier

Kanazawa Manier
DJ:Sadar Bahar, Yoshimitsu, Bonzrum, Doooi
@Manier / Open:22:00
ADM 3,000yen W/F 2,000yen [Read More]


7.14 sat. Sadar Bahar In Gifu @Emeralda

DJ:Sadar Bahar
@Emeralda / Open:23:00
ADM 2,500yen [Read More]


7.15 sun. Sadar Bahar In Tokyo @CAY

DJ:Sadar Bahar, DJ Kensei
@Aoyama CAY / Open:16:00-24:00
ADM 2,500yen [Read More]

“The Deejay’s Deejay Of Chicago”

Known as “the deejay’s deejay,” and respected amongst the Chicago Soul scene for his “Soul in the Hole” parties, Sadar Bahar is one of the few to play old-school house and rare disco exclusively. However, Bahar’s penchant for discovering lost hits and rare grooves has made him legendary.earning him renown as one of the “deepest” deejays around.
It’s this spirit of freedom through movement, and music inspired fun, a core element of old school house, that Bahar wants to encourage.
“People think we’re on something different,” said Bahar, “but it’s just music.”


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Mourad 15-02-20 (金) 6:29

Don’t you just love it all though? The ciunppg of your face with their tiny hands and your heart melts, followed swiftly by having to clean their poopy tush? Motherhood, it’s all good. Love the picture, he will be a heartbreaker.

Fernando 15-03-25 (水) 10:48

Oh I will wipe that tushie, pick that nose, clean those dirty fingres whatever. I LOVE IT! The smiles and sweetness are worth every stained shirt I have, as my profession is now Tissue and Napkin for the Boss.

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