DiscoBoogie.com Show #14 DJ BoogieNite

Our new guest is Dj BoogieNite, well respected producer and Deejay from Chicago. BoogieNite was DJ of the year on Bring the Heat.com for 2008.
He also does an internet show at www.stickam.com/djboogienite
It’s a real pleasure for us to host his mix. Sizzling-hot disco !! We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.
Check out BoogieNite’s edits @ http://djboogienite.bandcamp.com/

  1. Boogie Nite Intro
  2. Superbs / Party Together
  3. Queen Yahna / Aint It Time
  4. Darryl Douglas / Holdin On
  5. Symbol 8 / I Thought You Wanted To Dance
  6. Pam Todd / Can’t Stop The Feeling (Boogie Nite Edit)
  7. James Brown / Sexy Sexy Sexy (Boogie Nite Edit)
  8. Creative Source / What It Is (Boogie Nite Edit)
  9. Ripple / Willie Pass The Water (Boogie Nite Edit)
  10. Ernie Bush / Breakaway
  11. Wes Black / I Feel Good (Boogie Nite Edit)
  12. Soul Crusaders / Those Memories
  13. Boogie Nite Outro
  14. Windy City / Windy City (Chuck Brothers)



6 thoughts on “DiscoBoogie.com Show #14 DJ BoogieNite

  1. Dope mix, thanks to BoogieNite and DiscoBoogie.com!

    There’s a track missing from the tracklist, so I thought I’d add it. In between 5) Symbol 8 / I Thought You Wanted To Dance, and 6) Pam Todd / Can’t Stop The Feeling (Boogie Nite Edit), there’s:

    Rozaa & Wine / Disco Boogie Woman (edit)

  2. Hi DJ Boogie Nite… Nice I found you here after a long time listener at Cyberjamz…
    The 21-11-2011 On CJ U play a Michael Jackson – Thriller (?Mix) what is this… Please A ID and the playlist for ur show this night

    Mail Me: djkmjn@hotmail.dk

    All Ur Best Klaus (DJKMJN), Denmark

  3. Boogie you are the hotest DJ around and i love hearing your music on stick cam…Keep doing what your doing………K Winters

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