Soul Unsigned Show vol.12

Soul Unsigned is dedicated to supporting unsigned and independent Soul, Funk, and Jazz artists from around the world. The tracks selected by Soul Unsigned are quality music and not influenced by mainstream. Enjoy Phil’s weekly shows.
Soul Unsigned :

  1. Uptown Funk Empire – You’ve got to have freedom (SOS remix)
  2. Papik – Staying for good (Jump Start Vol 2)
  3. The Quick Brown Fox – Whole lotta nothing (Where does your apple grow EP)
  4. Michael Jeffries – Make sum (Daughter & son family affair)
  5. Chanel – Strawberry (Six for spins EP)
  6. Cool Million Ft Jeniqua – Making love (Rob’s urbanized mix)
  7. Earl Dwayne – Keep it moving (Nflow)
  8. Teri Tobin Ft Dash – Free (Promo)
  9. Jai Black Ft Metropolis – Soul train (Keys to the city)
  10. Ryan Lee – Forever (Promo)
  11. Yorrelle – Touch the ground (Feels like love)
  12. Ashanti Munir – Until u (Soul of a woman)
  13. MAQman Ft Joseph Junior – Futur 80s (Promo)