On the 22nd of November Sadar Bahar spinned a the Plug,a Club located in Shibuya Tokyo. It was the second time that I heard the set of Dj Sadar Bahar and this second experience was slightly different. The sound was really refreshing!

While last year’s selection was a little more Modern Soul and Rare Soul oriented it was pleasant to hear more dance music this time. For example, Ripple, and Dayton, Ecstacy Passion & Pain and many other classics, UK Soul such as Freeeze, Jazz-Funk tunes nicely mixed with contemporary sounds such as House Music, his style is something new amongst the Soul Scene. (At least to me). Even though it was raining that night the club was packed! From 11pm til 05 am the dancefloor was hot. I had a blast!

The scene of Disco and Boogie is very active right now in Europe and America. However,it is still minor in Japan. For the fans of black music genres like house and garage, rare-groove or even 80’s funk, Disco and Boogie became the styles that should draw the attention. Dj Sadar Bahar brought quality Disco/Boogie music to japan and I could feel that the crowd was fascinated by those tunes.

Here are some photos and videos of the party for those who couldn’t come to the event or the ones who might want to remember it. Enjoy.

photography by Masashi Yamakawa



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